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Join the new commuting revolution in Ireland. Start enjoying your commute to work.
Share your ride to work with others and reduce your bills. Learn how it works below.

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How It Works

We partnered with the biggest organisations in Ireland to help you have an easier commute while saving money. Learn how you can start making over €3,500 a year.



To begin, register here. After that, fill your profile and let us know how you want to spend your money.


Post Your Route

Let us know what days of the week, times of the day and from where to where you go. We will calculate how much you can make yearly.


Start Saving

Once people start joining your route, you will start getting rewarded. You will see the balance on your digital wallet increase.


What can I pay with my digital wallet?

Your digital wallet can be used to pay for multiple things. We work very hard to inlude more options and more providers.

  • Cash - you can receive the money on your bank account on a weekly basis.
  • Car Insurance [Comming Soon] - you can reduce or pay off completely your car insurance. We are working to include more insurance companies.
  • Gift Cards [Comming Soon] - you can redeem gift cards from Amazon, Apple Store, TicketMaster, Spotify and much more.
  • Parking [Comming Soon] - you can get free parking in 24 parking facilities in Dublin City, some include weekends too.

Why Join The Revolution

Eco Friendly

The more the people carpool, the less carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere.

Less Time Commuting

The less cars on the road, the less traffic congestion and less time spent commuting.

Make Friends

We spend in our lifetime 11,000 hours stuck in traffic. Why not spend that time with friends?

Make Extra Money

Get free parking all year round. Invite your friend to a concert. Who cares? Spend it however you want.